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  • Dhundhun
    05-28 02:29 AM
    New EAD starts after expiry of previous one.

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  • sagittarian
    12-17 03:36 PM

    My wife is waiting on her H-1B approval. She is on a H-4 currently. The company that sponsored her H-1B is an american fortune 500. This will be her first H-1B and she is in the USA for 11 months now. I have a few questions:

    1. To apply for the SSN she would need the original I-797 and the I-94, correct?
    2. After she applies at the SSN office, will she be able to see the number immediately (and wait for the card) ?
    3. How long does it normally take them for issuing a SSN for a person like her? (H-4 to first time H-1B)?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • sanjeev_2004
    05-26 03:21 PM
    Previously India used to have 150,000 * 7 / 100 = 10500 visas every year. Now India will get 90,000 * 10 /100 = 9000 visas every year. Loss of visas to india because this new law will be 10500 - 9,000 = 1500.

    It will increase the waiting for PDs to be currenct by 1500 * 100 / 105,00 = 100 / 7 % = 14.3%.
    If remaining waiting of remianing qualified aplicant is 1 year then we will suffer 3 more months with our currect emploer and if it 2 years then we will suffer 6 more months with our currect employer only because of this new bill.


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  • hopelessGC
    04-16 02:52 PM
    Need advise - bumping this up...

    Many of you must have filed for their AP - can you please share with me what is the best and the safest way to get my application to USCIS?

    I was looking for some tracking to know the app got delivered and do it overnight so it gets there in a day.

    Wasn't sure if UPS/fed-ex delivers to PO box addresses or should I just stick to USPS?

    Also, whether some kind of delivery tracking can be done on PO box addresses?

    Please advise folks... Thanks in advance for your help!

    I filed my AP online and mailed documents via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. No issues of any kind. AP was approved in approx. 45 days, I believe.


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  • ganguteli
    02-27 01:42 PM
    IMO, you should spend the money yourself instead of depending on the company for GC expenses...

    Why are you worried about the money? Go hire a lawyer and get your GC process started, asking your manager/HR just for the paperwork support. That way it is easier for you and easier for them too...IMO, Asking the company to bear the expenses for GC is too much, especially in this economy.

    As far as H1 is concerned, I guess you need to be in constant touch with your manager and press the issue till she talks to the immigration people and move from there. Talk to your supervisor and ask his help to move the paperwork faster. May be he/she can in turn talk to the HR person to speed things up, without the baloney you are hearing from HR. Also, talk to the lawyer and offer your HR manager that the lawyer can speak to her directly about the issue to speed up things...

    In the meantime, keep your options open and look for another job so that you can transfer your H1 and start fresh...Hopefully if this option works, don't make the mistake of waiting for HR to start your GC process...Just be proactive and do it on your own...

    Why are you giving illegal advice on the forum.
    GC and H1 is employer application and employer should pay for it. It is the law.

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  • GCInThisLife
    07-18 05:14 PM
    I have some more docs about 485 standard op process, AC21 relief, 485 interview waiver, filing guidelines for EB based immigration petition etc.. but not able to upload. they do fall under max size limits.. Any hints..


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  • mdcowboy
    12-18 02:16 PM
    Hi Goel_Ar, thanks for the response. Assuming there is indeed very good co-ordination between USCIS and SSN office, how long does it *normally* take to get the card?

    Any ideas, anyone?

    They say it takes 10-14 business days but my Wife got it within 7 business days. hope this helps.

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  • aniraj
    07-31 11:42 PM
    I-485 pending with PD June 07 & valid EAD
    Is it possible to apply for FAFSA for student aid as they require Green Card or US citizenship?
    I see on FAFSA website one catagory as eligible non-citizens which includes applicants with I-94 & with atleast 1 yr parole validity.
    Is this the same parole as I-131?


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  • sands_14
    04-10 10:02 PM
    Which is better if you have 10% down payment only?
    FHA loan or conventional?I am told that for 10% down,its very tough to get conventional loans.Is that correct?Please advise.

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  • hope4best
    05-26 04:33 PM
    My lawyer followed the same route. After getting EB2 I-140 approval, they send a letter to capture the PD from EB3 case and interlink the I-485. The letter was sent out around May 10th, no updates on I485 so far.


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  • guitarbam
    01-24 08:17 AM
    I just got my Labor approved a couple week ago and now i want to file I-140 premium processing. But my lawyer's not allow me to do that coz once my I-140 approve i can't file my 8 th year extension. My 7th years H1B will expire on Aug 30, 2007.

    I'm very confused now, on my understanding once i get my I-140 approve, i'm eligible to get my H1B 3 years extension.

    FYI: i chose CP opotion, is that make me not eligible to get my H1B extension once my I-140 approve?

    Please help and Big thanks

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  • fcres
    06-27 12:25 PM
    My I140 was approved in Dec 2005 by TSC. The online case status still says it pending. And i just filed my 485 using that 140.


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  • indyyy
    07-18 09:40 AM
    My labor is also pending with the Dallas BEC. My priority date is Nov 2001, non-RIR. The online system still shows that my case is in process.
    Sick and tired of waiting ...

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  • nkavjs
    11-15 10:00 AM
    I am very keen to try and get a state chapter from Indiana. There have to be at least half a dozen of us.

    There are millions of Starbucks in the area, maybe we can monopolize a corner in one of them some time.

    From what I have read here then most of the replies are in the Indianapolis and northern suburbs, so I am proposing that we meet this Saturday at the Starbucks in Westfield!

    By this location I mean where Ashleys furniture is on US 31 and 146th Street.

    I can make it any time on Saturday but we have to set on a time, I am suggesting 11am.

    Hello Folks :

    I am in Indy (basically in fishers). Stuck in this process since 2003. I am all for active participation with this IV Indiana forum. Pls. let me know.


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  • alterego
    08-23 11:36 AM
    You def should get come Sept 1st

    I still dont see anyone within Octo 1st 2003, thats really cool

    Being current means very little. I've been there 3 times over the last few years. 4 years after filing my 485, and 2 RFEs later(each generated during a PD current period BTW) and 3 "currents", I am still waiting. I am on my 5th EAD.
    So while optimism is good, with the USCIS don't get too hopeful. Incompetence abounds.

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  • pt326bc
    09-28 09:03 AM
    It is possible that the employer may sue you. But since you would be finding a new job, you can always ask your new employer to give you a sign-on bonus which will be equal to or greater than the expenses demanded by your present employer.

    Thats my 2 cents worth.
    You say your employer is paying you very little. Is it the same as what is mentioned in Labor Cert or your H1 petition?
    If that is the case you could actually contact DOL/USCIS and report him for fraud. This also involved some risk on your part if your current pay is less than what is mentioned on H1 petition.
    Alternatively if you get better pay with your new employer then you could use that to pay your current employer (wouldn't be more than $5000 if you are paying him the going rate for GC). Would be a lot less hassle that way.
    Anyway most people pay for their green card procesing out of their own pocket. So don't think of the employer paying your GC as free lunch :)


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  • cvk90
    07-05 02:01 PM
    they told me that there would not be a 10% penalty but I cannot roll over either. My basic question is that whether IRS controls the benefits offered by private organization based on visa status ? This does not make sense.

    Retirement benefits are similar to health benefits, tuition reimbursement benefits etc., in that the employer can choose whether to offer them or not. Why would visa status come in picture ? Also, L 1 is 'dual intent' and my I-485 was applied on June 28, 2007.
    Could someone comment on the legality of this whole argument ? Thanks a lot.

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  • new_horizon
    03-12 05:12 PM
    Does this mean I can port the PD even if I moving from a technical position to a managerial position in a different company. of course I know one has to file a new perm and I140 with the new company.

    refiling perm and 140 may be to help you promote from eb3 to eb2 category and still let you keep the old PD.
    Also, refiling could be required if your job categories are changing. from technical to managerial or so.

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  • rbkrao
    09-12 01:20 PM
    There should be a way to mention the no of Green Cards applied for in a family. I could vote as EB2 . but in my family I applied for 3. this count also should be captured right?

    11-04 10:02 PM
    How often does a denial happen in a case of H1 "transfer"? Do you know? Why would a transfer be denied?

    How often is an H1 denied? I have no idea but it happened to me...twice!
    The first time, the attorney screwed up. The company fired him ...and me as well since I was then out of status (long story that I will post someday, maybe...):mad: Second time, I never knew the details but the company appealed... and won.
    All that can happen on any type of application of course. Everybody makes mistakes, and even without mistakes, no approval can never be guaranteed in advance.:(

    01-24 12:30 PM
    I just checked with my Lawyer. I am a July 2 receipt guy and my 180 days got over. Currently my wife moved from her H1B(not stamped yet, she moved from H4 to H1) to EAD and I am still on H1B.

    My lawyer says if I am on H1B and she is on EAD it will create issues when our EAD goes for renewal. She claims I also should change my status now to EAD. I thought staying on H1B was safe and now I get this response. I told her so many people I know have done the same thing and she is asking if I will jump into the well like others:))).

    Please advise