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Victoria Beckham at ASOS.com??

No, no, no, don’t get too excited. Posh is not designing for ASOS, but the British mega store has created a line of dresses that are exact, yes exact, replicas of Ms. Beckham’s threads. I mean, is this legal?

Some of Posh’s most classic looks are duplicated in amazingly chic color choices at ridiculously reasonable prices. The simple lines, the modern edge, the subtle femininity-it’s all there.

My personal favorite is the Ponti Pencil Dress in Empress Purple but then again, there is the Peplum Pencil Dress that is also TDF. How does one choose when the wardrobe of fashion royalty is at our fingertips?

These dresses are investment pieces, without the major investment. They can go from office to drinks, wedding to upscale date night. Or if you are really in the Posh kind of mood, you can wear them on the airplane with your three (almost four!) kids in tow with 4 inch heels…bring it!

The possibilities for these dresses are endless. The best part is, the sophisticated lines in classic colors make these dresses timeless. This will be your go-to dress for all occasions, time and time again.

ASOS even has a “Victoria Beckham” tab that allows you to search all of her looks and even some similar accessories. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, you just can’t miss. Take your pick ladies, effortless style is at your fingertips!

NOTE: David Bechkham not included!

By: Ann Whitbeck of www.cheapchicas.com
source: Denden